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Stefan is a proud Bloemfonteiner. Becoming a well-known citizen after winning the title of Mr UFS Rag 2016 as a third year student. He was signed at ACE Models International shortly after that. He studied Bcom Economics at UFS but is an entrepreneur at heart and started several business ventures he is proud of. He is the co-founder of Mr and Ms Campus SA which under he also Directs Mr and Ms Campus UFS, Sol Plaatje University, CUT, CUT Welkom. They will be having their very first Mr and Ms Campus in Gauteng soon. He enjoys the entertainment and fashion industry and would love to grow even more. He started his journey at OFM as a member of the Street Squad in 2019 where he gets to attend and host some events around central South Africa. He believes that the youth is extremely powerful and uses his social platforms to inspire. He focus a lot on social media as this is a powerful tool to reach and inspire. He also believes that with hard work, anything is possible.


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