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We are articulate, informative, entertaining and skilled in handling intimate audiences to large crowds, thinking on their feet and always ahead of the game.

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Introducing Promotion Jockeys.
With over 15 years’ experience in the entertainment, promotion and gaming industries, Promotion Jockeys, is a meticulously detailed platform for effective marketing and brand building. From executing events to rolling out national launch campaigns, we get the country talking about your brand.

So feel free to explore our website and have a look at our amazing talent, ready to entertain your audience, provide a hassle free delivery and herald your brand as hero.

Offering more than two decades of expertise in the dynamic industries of Gaming, Promotions and Entertainment, Magos Media has developed Promotion Jockeys as an innovative outlet and Platform for interactive Marketing and exceptional Entertainment, when it comes to building your Brand.

With both the Brand and target audience central to success, Promotion Jockeys are equipped to entertain with efficiency, ensuring that your event runs according to schedule.

Fusing innovation with world-class Entertainment; our offering is original; and our service is seamless, stress-free and set to satisfy.

No matter the mechanics of your Activation, Draw or Game show; or whether your Product or Brand is broadcast on Stage, on Screen or over a PA system, allow Promotion Jockeys to herald your Brand as the Hero with influence, interest and ease.

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