Khotso resume is simply astounding. Within only half a decade of experience in TV and theatre, the South African based actor – with both Nigerian and South African heritage – already boasts a prolific career with an impressive list of credits. He’s played lead roles in films, theatre and series such as Doubt, 7 colours, Predict, and Into Infinity (soon to be released), to name (but) a few.

Famously known as the authoritative, rich and powerful businessman – Muzi Ngonyama on Generations ‘The Legacy’, Khotso has also played supporting roles in prime time TV
productions such as 7de Laan, Keeping Score, Saints and Sinners, and Abo Mzala.

Khotso is a student of very best in the industry. Not only is he a classically trained theatre and acting graduate of the prestigious Market Theatre Lab (Johannesburg),he has also been mentored by trailblazers such as Dorothy Anne Gould, and Kimberleigh Stark. His acting prowess has been further polished by performing alongside TV-greats
like Rapulana Seiphemo, and Vusi Kunene, and playing in the famous South African classic ‘Woza Albert’. This impressive tutelage sets him apart from the average artist.

No stranger to playing villainous, lowlife, gangster roles; the actor boasts a myriad of commendable thespian qualities. Even in his smallest roles, he is able to imbue his character with an immense sense of comedic timing, pathos and personality; as proven in his performances in numerous radio and TV commercials, amassed throughout his
young career.

Khotso is not just an actor; he’s a triple threat entertainer.

As a professional Voice Over artist; he is able to transform your product or service with incomparable vocal artistry.With a seductive, hypnotic voice that rumbles as powerful as the roar of a majestic African lion, knicker-dropping good looks, and a personality that lends itself to the hosting of VIP events in an engaging, exciting and entertaining manner; It comes as no surprise that Khotso is an Emcee for Southern Suns prestigious events within South Africa.

The multitalented Khotso doubles up as fitness model and Clothing Brand Ambassador, with a knack for attracting International Brands and campaigns such as the ‘Hennessy, Never Stop Never Settle’ campaign. As if the above isn’t enough, Khotso is multilingual as well; fluent in English and Setswana. He even speaks basic Italian which he picked up while living in Italy. He cleverly augments his performances with a cocktail blend of languages to add a unique flavour of intrigue and entertainment.
With Hollywood bound ambitions, and desires of working as a travel show presenter, he continues to make his mark on an endearing path to the pinnacle of the entertainment industry.